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Gabicce Mare: hotels and accommodation options for you

This elegant seaside resort overlooking the Adriatic Sea is a premier holiday hot spot amongst the elite. The tourist harbour of Gabicce Mare is a traditional summer berth for large numbers of pleasure boats, whose owners flock to the most glamorous clubs of the Riviera, eat in the fine restaurants of Gabicce Monte and take part in the amazing beach parties which are regularly held here.

In summer, large numbers of young people gather in Gabicce Mare; every year, during the week of August 15, thousands of young people flock to its well-equipped beach to play beach sports and take part in absorbing activities, and to enjoy the lively night life which begins at dusk with the traditional beach happy hours and lasts till dawn in the discos of Gabicce Mare and the historic clubs of Gabicce Monte. Those interested in spending an original Halloween night here can take advantage of plenty of special offers concerning All Hallow's Day long holiday in Gabicce, while New Year's Eve in Gabicce Mare offers tourists a remarkably wide array of funny alternatives.

Both in summer and in winter, on the occasion of spring long weekends or Christmas holidays, Gabicce makes the ideal base for having pleasant family trips, since it offers guests plenty of fun opportunities and the possibility to strike up new friendships while discovering the city and its traditions. Guests will have the possibility to go for pleasant walks along the pier and enjoy breathtaking views over the surrounding landscape, to visit charming inns overlooking the sea and to stay at comfortable hotels featuring advantageous last minute offers, intimate bed & breakfasts and small family-run guesthouses which give them the possibility to spend relaxing weekends in Gabicce Mare.

Walking down the scenic route leading to Gabicce Monte, visitors will have the opportunity to reach this small village overlooking the sea and enjoy breathtaking views over the whole of the coast from the panoramic terraces of elegant fish restaurants, which overlook both unspoiled natural landascapes and the underlying beguiling, crystal-clear sea. During clear spring days, on April 25, May 1 or June 2, Gabicce Monte boasts breathtaking views over the whole of the Riviera Romagnola, which at night is illuminated by thousands of bright lights, thus giving spectators the possibility to enjoy utmost profusion.

During summer, visitors will have the opportunity to go for pleasant boat excursions to Baia Vallugola, the ancient Roman harbour whose waters are said to cherish the remains of the mysterious city of Valbruna, while during the rest of the year visitors flock to the bustling streets of the city centre and the parks of the city, such as the Natural Park of Mount San Bartolo. Every year at Easter, Gabicce Mare hosts the traditional cycle week, when plenty of bike lovers take part in interesting excursions across the hinterland.

Gabicce Mare is easily accessible by both sea and land. Efficient public means of transport, car parks, a well-equipped tourist harbour and plenty of modern services and facilities are able to suit even tourists' most demanding requirements. Both during the day and at night, Gabicce Express operates scenic train rides across the streets of the city centre and the scenic route leading to Gabicce Monte, and finally reach the top of the promontory of Gabicce.